Wedded Wonderland Bride, Joanna Lykouresis had one of our most viewed Weddings in 2015 and there were no surprises as to why. From ceremony to the reception, Joanna’s styling was impeccable and in her figure-hugging gown, she could’ve been a Victoria’s Secret model. So, when we found out that the secret to her killer curves was HYPOXI, we just had to get our hands on the before and after photos to prove that she wasn’t (as Lady Gaga would say) simply ‘born this way’.


Joanna started HYPOXI after seeing her sister lose a whopping 42 kilos. Joanna was going to the gym three times a week and not seeing a huge difference, so she put her cynicism aside and gave it a go. With her Wedding fast coming up, Joanna says “I had to get into shape as I had Steven Khalil designing my dress and I was desperate to have a great figure for my for my Big Day”. Joanna explains that the whole HYPOXI process was easy, “At the first session, my weight and measurements were taken and then I was on the HYPOXI machine for 30-mins. I did this three times a week and after the first week, I felt a difference and I also saw a difference. By the second week, I saw an even better result and by the fourth week I was looking fit and trim. I also found it easier than going to the gym and the results were accelerated far more. I felt like I had done more in the four weeks with HYPOXI than what I achieved going to the gym for six months!”


Joanna loved HYPOXI so much, she opened her own studio – HYPOXI Strathfield. And, it’s no surprise why, the numbers don’t lie – before HYPOXI, Joanna weighed 56 kilos and her measurements were: Waist: 69cm |Stomach: 75cm |Hips: 86cm |Bottom: 99cm | Thigh: 95cm. After four weeks of HYPOXI, Joanna weighed 51.5 kilos and her measurements were: Waist: 65cm |Stomach: 69cm |Hips: 79cm |Bottom: 91cm | Thigh: 89cm. Meaning, Joanna lost a total of 4.5kg and 31cm!


HYPOXI is a low-impact exercise method that is up to 3 x more effective at burning stubborn fat than traditional exercise. Through advanced vacuum and compression technology and healthy nutrition, HYPOXI activates your body’s natural system to burn specific areas of fat and cellulite. Discover the best version of you with HYPOXI. Click here to book your FREE TRIAL if you’re in Australia and click here if you’re in the USA, select a studio and begin your HYPOXI journey today to look and feel your best on your special day.


Images from Joanna’s real wedding. Photography by  Phao Photography.

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