Your Bridesmaids know you better than anyone else; they’ve seen you through bad boyfriends, bad breakups and bad eyebrows. However, when it comes to the wedding speech, there’s such a thing as an ‘overshare’, so Bridesmaids take note; here are 9 things you should never say in your speech.

1. We really thought she was going to marry her last boyfriend…but

It doesn’t matter how funny the story, never bring up an ex-boyfriend in the wedding speech.

2. There was a moment when I thought that the only man she’d be spending her life with is Bob, her cat.

Most of us, at some point, have experienced a ‘man drought’, but mentioning your Bestie’s 7-year stretch of being single is guaranteed to get you in the bad books.

3. No one was more shocked than me that she finally got a ring!

If the Groom took forever to propose, don’t mention it in the wedding speech.

4. I’m almost finished, but I just need to add…

If your speech notes have started to look like a novella, start again and keep it short. The Bride (as well as the other guests) will thank you for it.

5. If I had a dollar for every time they broke up, I’d be richer than a Kardashian

No relationship is perfect. Don’t discuss the past pitfalls, stick to the highlights.

6. While we’re enjoying this French champagne, let’s pay a thought to those less fortunate

Weddings are a time for celebration, not a time to solve the world’s problems.

7. This one time, at band camp…

No doubt you caused havoc with the Bride in your younger days, but we assure you, her Grandma doesn’t need to know about the time you made out, did nudie runs or stole a stop sign.

8. I’d also like to take this opportunity to announce that I’m also engaged!

Don’t steal the show.

9. We never thought you’d score someone so good-looking!

Ok, Miss Passive-Aggressive; tone it down or risk losing your Bestie.

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