Science Has An Answer For Why Love Makes You Blind

Love makes you blind. It’s a phrase that’s been touted throughout the ages (and we’ve all been there at some point in our lives).

Your complete admiration for someone means you cannot see their flaws, shortcomings, and downright unhealthy habits until after the fact. But can love really make you blind?

As it turns out, from a neurological perspective, it can. A study conducted at University College London has found that being in love can decrease our social judgement which means we are more willing to overlook bad habits. This can explain why we sometimes ‘go blind’ when we’re in love.

This research would come as a relief for those who look back on some relationships and think ‘what was I thinking’. It wasn’t your fault – blame evolution.

The brain has a ‘push-pull mechanism’ whereby the facilities that mediate negative emotions are suppressed while the affectionate emotions are heightened when we are all loved up.

Without this mechanism, there is a chance the human race would struggle to exist. Love and reproduction are viewed by the brain, for the most part, as an overall pleasurable experience. When we are in love, with either our partner and or children as the study also uncovered, our bodies are rewarded with the release of oxytocin which makes us feel fabulous. This feeling is enough incentive for us to fall in love (even after heartbreak) and have another child (even if it really hurt).

Ah, the things we do for love…

Written by Sarah Mourtos

Cover image via @brooksforester

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