SAVING for a Wedding in 2022, we’re here to save you!

The time has come to get Wedded! Talks all around the globe of increasing cost of goods, labor shortages, inflation and more are a little hairy scary for any Couple planning their big day. 

Here are our top 10 tips in budgeting for your Wedding in this economy (and really what you want to know, HOW TO SAVE MONEY!)

  1. Host your ceremony and reception at the same location. This saves costs on transport, logistics, florals and styling (you can move from ceremony to reception) and more! 
  2. Get married mid-week, on a long- weekend (some venues discount this!) or off-season – Winter is generally a little cheaper
  3. Host a smaller wedding- and have big pre-wedding events instead where the guests have to cover their costs- like your HENS or BUCKS! Big Engagements are always a good idea, and less formal with less costs
  4. Select a venue that does the work for you, and has the set up to match! This means, not too much spend required from your end on styling and props
  5. Smaller Bridal Party- that’s right, the less people at the bridal party, the less expensive the costs are on hair, makeup, suits, accessories, bridesmaid dresses, transport, beauty, accommodation wow the list goes on!
  6. Get THREE quotes at minimum for the product/service you’re after. That way you have an idea on pricing and can budget accordingly
  7. Local vendors generally don’t charge as much on logistics and delivery, may be worth going 
  8. Don’t leave things to the last minute so you’re not spending a premium on things you could have bought on sale! 
  9. Make your something borrowed something pricey… lol 
  10. Accept offers to help from friends and family and tap into whatever skills they have for your big day!

The last tip we must include is list out your top 3 non-negotiables for your Wedding with your partner, that way, anything that is negotiable can in fact, be discussed avoiding disappointment!

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