Hold on to your seats, Fairies, scientists have revealed that chocolate could be the ultimate pre-wedding snacks for Brides; so we took a visit to Westfield Bondi Junction-based French chocolatier Jeff de Bruges to find out why…

1. Chocolate is good for stress – chocolate contains valeric acid which is a relaxant and tranquiliser.

2. Chocolate is calming – when we eat chocolate, our body releases endorphins which is a hormone that makes us feel pleasure.


3. Chocolate DOESN’T give you pimples – There’s actually no truth to the belief that chocolate gives you pimples.

4. Chocolate reduces bloating – For those girls with lactose intolerance, chocolate can reduce bloating and cramping.


5. Chocolate is Nourishing – with iron and magnesium, chocolate is packed full of minerals.

6. Chocolate Makes You Live for Longer – Harvard University researchers found that people who ate chocolate three times a month lived a year longer than those who don’t eat any.



7. Chocolate Can Make You Lose Weight – Dark chocolate gives you that ‘full’ feeling, similar to what you get when you eat loads of protein. The benefit? You’ll have less cravings for salty, fatty and sweet food.

8. Canadian scientists study involving 44,489 people, found that eating chocolate were 22% less likely to suffer a stroke.



9. Research published in British Medical journal suggested that consuming chocolate could help lower the risk of developing heart disease.

10. Chocolate keeps your brain healthy, 2 chocolates a day may help keep the brain healthy, Scientists at Harvard Medical School.



Jeff de Bruges is one of the world’s most famous chocolatiers and has just has launched his boutique store on Level 2 at Westfield Bondi Junction. Jeff’s unique chocolate-creating practice uses tradition Belgium techniques with a swirl of French-ingenuity and classic chic to create decadent and modern treats. For more on these sweet treats, click here.

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