The first year of marriage comes with some big changes, so it’s never been more important that you brush up on your communication skills. We’ve sourced advice from relationship experts around the world and these are the seven most damaging things you can say to your hubby… be warned.

1. I Hate It When…

Using such a strong word like ‘hate’ can automatically send your other half on the defensive. Instead of making it such a negative phrase like ‘I hate it when you leave the towels on the floor’, turn it into a favour ‘It would be such a help to me if you hung your towel on the rail when you’ve finished it’.

2. I Want A Divorce

Never threaten your hubby with this, it weakens the foundation of your relationships and will create insecurity.

3. Calm Down

Woah. We all know what happens the minute someone says ‘calm down’; things get turbulent very quickly.

4. But My Ex Did It

Don’t compare your current relationship to one you’ve had previously. It doesn’t matter if your ex used to buy you flowers every week, don’t bring it up. Remember: you’re not married to your ex for a reason.

5. Your Mum…

Criticising his family, the way he was raised or his Mum will take you into seriously dangerous territory. Tread carefully with this one, Fairies.

6. Never and Always

Generalising with phrases like ‘you never’ or ‘you always’ will leave your partner feeling useless. Turn it from a negative to a positive by going from ‘you never cook dinner’ to ‘I’d really appreciate it if you could organise dinner a few nights a week’.

7. Nothing

If something is really bothering you, trying to get over it by being silent with your hubby is the worst thing you can do. Keep the communication open and when you do talk about it with him, try to keep the emotions in check.

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