Steve proposed to Kristen on her 22nd birthday in a sweet and romantic way. As they sat along the river under an umbrella in the warm sun Kristen heard a really loud noise and looked up to see a plane flying in the sky with a banner floating behind with the writing;  “Kristen I love You … Will you Marry Me?”

Kristen described the moment as “surreal and completely unexpected.”

“It was that moment that every girl dreams of and it was mine. I was lost for words and couldn’t believe it! The complete feeling of overwhelming happiness and tears of joy followed.” I can not even find one word to express how I felt in that exact moment because there are just too many. Happiness, love, overjoyed, excited, passion, honoured, proud and the list goes on … It’s something I will never be able to forget and will hold onto for the rest of my life.

Kristen told Wedded Wonderland the wedding planning was in fact a breeze! With ongoing support from family and friends, it turned out to be an enjoyable experience.  The couple focused on what was most important to them and made all their decisions together and it turned out their team skills were in harmony!

The wedding was everything the couple had dreamed of and more…  Kristen and Steve described the moment they entered the church and saw each other for the first time as completely breathtaking.

The reception epitomized a magical fairy-tale with decor consisting of the main feature; a floral wall consisting of white flowers, with a splash of soft pink, coffee and greenery, as well as pure white draping, white dance floor, white chairs, crystal candelabras and chandeliers.

Kristen and Steven described the most memorable and proud moment of their night as being the moment they entered the reception to a standing ovation welcoming the couple for the first time as Mr and Mrs Petrovski.

The couple described the good food, drinks, music and company as  “the ultimate combination for a perfect night.”

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