After eight years of dating, Bhavisha and Aditya finally tied the knot in a big fat Indian wedding!

On the evening of the proposal, Aditya took Bhavisha to a park which they visit regularly. As they went to sit down the ring fell out of Aditya’s pocket and he quickly put it back in an attempt to pretend it never happened! Moments later he nervously took Bhavisha to a hut in the park, got down on one knee, told her what she meant to him, and placed the ring on her finger. As he got up they realized he had forgotten to actually ask her to marry him! So he ended up doing it all over again, and this time Bhavisha said yes! And so the planning began … 

The most important aspect of their wedding day was ensuring that they upheld the traditions and  beliefs they were brought up with. One interesting tradition was timing the wedding ceremony exactly to ensure that the groom tied the sacred Hindu marriage necklace (Mangalsutra) on the bride at 11:09 am, an auspicious time that was matched up according to both their birth times.

Bhavisha wanted to steer away from the usual guest book to something which could be displayed and seen regularly in the couple’s home. So she opted to have signing plates, which guests wrote special messages on, and these plates are displayed against a wall in their home for them to see every day.

Reflecting back on their special day, the most heartwarming part  was hearing Bhavisha’s father, who is not normally known for expressing his feelings, opening up and speaking  about how much Bhavisha and Aditya meant to him in his speech.

Now that the wedding is over, Bhavisha’s has one piece of advice to future brides. “Never lose sight of the big picture and just enjoy the wedding planning journey, it’s all for your big day so don’t let anything get in the way!”


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