Prince Harry Might Not Wear A Wedding Ring After Marrying Meghan Markle

Back in 2011, after Prince William and Kate Middleton were married, all eyes were on the rings that Kate wore – her 12-carat sapphire and diamond engagement and her 18-carat Welsh gold wedding band. On the other hand, William wore nothing and the world noticed.

In a preemptive response, a palace aide released a statement before the wedding to clarify William’s choice, saying it was down to a “personal preference.”

“It was something the couple discussed but Prince William isn’t one for jewelry. He doesn’t even wear a signet ring — and decided he didn’t want to.”

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On the other hand, his father, Prince Charles, has always worn one though it sits on his pinky finger. Prince Philip, the Queen’s husband of 70 years, has also never worn a ring. If the lack of jewellery seems a little odd, there’s actually a reason behind it.

According to the BBC, wedding rings amongst English men did not gain popularity until World War II when soldiers chose to wear rings as a reminder of their wives and homes.

But with William forgoing the choice of jewellery, we’re left wondering whether Prince Harry will follow suite after marrying Meghan Markle.



According to British etiquette expert, William Hanson, in an interview with HuffPost, it’s likely that Harry will choose to wear a ring, saying, “he is always one to go against the expected and Meghan may well prefer her husband to wear one.”

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Harry did decide to don a ring, especially after it was discovered that the loved-up couple both wear matching blue, white, and black “love bracelets.

While his father Charles’ wedding ring is rather large and eye-catching, it is also quite plain, and the latter is exactly the style we expect Harry will be wearing. While the couple have been thrust into the spotlight, their relationship appears to be relatively low-key – everything from their proposal to their choice of honeymoon location.

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Whatever his choice may be, we won’t know until May 19th, so lock the date into your calendars. We’ve already blacked out our whole weekend.

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