UPDATE: There’s now multiple reports that Prince was diagnosed with AIDS just six weeks before his death, but refused to have treatment for religious purposes. He contracted HIV in the mid-90s, but recently it escalated into the more serious condition, AIDS, over the last few months.

Police say the Purple Rain singer had the prescription painkiller¬†Percoceton him when he died and it’s being said that the cause of death is an overdose – making this tragedy even more heart-breaking.

APRIL 22: The 57-year old, King of pop and singer of some of the most classic Wedding songs, Prince has been found dead overnight in his Minnesota estate.

His death comes just five days after he was admitted to hospital and given treatment for a drug overdose. At the time, he optimistically told fans ‘not to waste their peas in him yet’.

With romantic ballads like¬†Most Beautiful Girl in the World, Purple Rain and When Doves Cry,¬†the singer shot to fame in 1982 with his album 1999. He was infamous for changing his name to a symbol in the ’90s and sold millions of records of his decades of stardom.

Forensics and medical examiners are on the scene, we’ll keep you updated.

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