Pizza Wedding Bouquets Are A Thing And We’re Not Sure How To Feel

You put a ring on it when you want to express your undying love for your partner, so what do you do when you want to express your undying love for pizza on your wedding day?

Walk down the aisle with a pizza wedding bouquet, obviously.

Back in June, pizza chain Villa Italian Kitchen created a new wedding trend and ran a competition for brides to win a pizza bouquet. To be honest, we’re just thinking about all of the oil and tomato sauce spillage that would be bound to ruin your day (and your dress).

The creation (we haven’t decided if it’s monstrous or not) would be comprised of mini pizza dough covered in tomatoes, pepperoni, and mozzarella and would go out to “a few lucky brides and grooms” to enjoy at their summer weddings. Heat and pizza, all bundled up together. No, thanks.

As the Villa Italian Kitchen’s Director of Communications and Digital Marketing, Mimi Wunderlich, described it, “These delicious floral accessories are perfect for pizza-loving couples looking to spice up their wedding with one-of-a-kind designs,” though we’re still on the hesitant side.


The competition closed on June 15th, though we expect the company received more than a few entrants. If you missed out, we suggest pulling some inspo from the novelty piece or just doing it the old fashioned way and serve pizza – on a plate or in a box – at your reception. There’s a slightly lower chance of spillage and saucy burns.

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