Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Dress Code. Is This the Start of a New Wedding Trend?

Let’s be honest, one of the first questions we ask ourselves when we open a wedding invitation is: “what will I wear?” A classic wedding calls for a traditional dress code, think cocktail or black tie, but every once in a while you’ll receive a request that’ll leave you totally confused … snappy casual … what?!

Here in lies the struggle: trying to find the perfect outfit that will have you looking and feeling amaze, and at the same time suit the occasion plus be appropriate for both the ceremony and reception! Insert the odd request – bohemian black tie, picnic chic – and you’re in a pickle. With her wedding day just around the corner, we were surprised to hear Pippa Middleton had taken the crazy dress code trend and ran with it, in her own unique way of course.

Middleton’s highly-anticipated May 20 wedding has a rumoured dress code that requires guests to pack not one, but two outfits.

While it’s becoming increasingly common for a bride to change into a new dress for the reception, it is quite unusual to ask your guests to make an outfit change. The logic behind the request is that the guests will have one outfit for the ceremony taking place at St Mark’s church, Englefield, Berkshire (a beautiful historic church), and one for the intimate reception taking place at the Middleton’s family home.

Is this a new wedding trend?

Asking your guests to stick to a certain theme-specific dress code is certainly a way to make them feel a part of your wedding. L.A. based wedding consultant Harmony Walton told TODAY.com that having theme-specific dress codes is a way for couples to be different and a chance for the guests to feel special: “It’s a chance for the guests to play dress up and feel like their part of the party”. Walton also adds that setting an unusual dress code captures the sense of the location, as well as creating interest in the wedding pictures.

What do you think Fairies? Is the two-outfit dress code too much to ask? Or is it a way to make the guests feel special?

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