Photographer Reveals the Little Seen Side of Weddings with Candid Photo Essay

Making sure a wedding runs smoothly is no easy feat. Often the perfectly posed photographs don’t truly capture the chaos and fun that goes on behind the scenes. But for Sydney photographer Jennifer Allison this is exactly what she aims to capture and her photographs reveal the candid moments that occur during a wedding day.

“My aim is to try and bring through the people in front of the camera and their story. It’s not about me, it’s not about my style, it’s about telling their story”, explains Allison as reported by the Daily Mail. Far from the highly directed wedding pictures Allison attempts to capture the real story of a wedding using her documentary style and stepping away from the norm.

“You’re getting more truth from the images you create by taking that approach”, says Allison. Her approach definitely caught the sweet, silly and heart-warming moments from couple Emma and Cameron’s wedding creating a true reflection of their day. Their destination wedding in Mackay, Queensland brought their family and friends from across Australia and England to celebrate the union.

“It’s about not being intrusive, not pushing anyone around, but standing back and stepping in only if needed”, describes Allison. “If you’re creating images and poses, people will be staged…that’s not what they’re going to remember on the day”. Capturing Emma’s brother having a cheeky drink with his tie on his head or the magical moment when the flower girl and page boy saw the bride for the first time in her dress, these are the moments that make the wedding truly memorable.

Allison also shares the sweet intimate moments with Aristea and Josinaldo’s family as they got ready for their big day. The couple traveled to Sydney from America to tie the knot in a traditional Greek wedding. “They want to remember what they felt during a moment. That’s what they’re going to take away and feel when they look at the images”.

Image Credits: Daily Mail


Article written by Alison Donnellan

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