Photo of newlyweds carrying their two year old son fighting cancer in hospital is going viral

A powerful photo of a newlywed parents carrying their two year old son who is fighting cancer down the hospital hallway, after their Wedding is tugging at heart strings around the world.

On January 7, Celia and Geff Kinzel tied the knot in the chapel of Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio, where their son Logan is being treated for Stage IV brain cancer.

viral wedding photo

Image via Nationwide Children’s Hospital

As his parents carried son Logan back to his room after the ceremony, his grandmother trailed behind them and took the photo that has now gone viral and the hope is that it brings awareness to pediatric cancer.

The photo was shared on Nationwide Children’s Hospital Facebook page and captioned, “Sometimes when you can’t come to the Wedding, the Wedding comes to you.”

“Everyone was really touched by [the photo],” Celia Kinzel told ABC News. “I really hope from all of this, that it does bring awareness to pediatric cancer. Before this happened to Logan, I thought it was rare. I hope this sheds some light on it and people see that it’s common.”

Celia, 26, and Geff, 32, became engaged in 2015 and planning a wedding for 2018 but decided to move their Wedding forward after Logan’s diagnosis.

“We were so happy that Logan was able to come down,” Kinzel’s mom, Megan Dempsey, told ABC News. “It was just a nice day for Celia and Geff and a nice break from what’s really been such a difficult time.”

There’s another message that Megan hopes can be taken from the photo, and it is touching. “This photo speaks to me of bravery, love and the ability to find joy and happiness in almost any situation.”

Our prayers are with the family and we wish Logan a speedy recovery!


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