The tradition of cake toppers dates back to medieval times. Then, it was seen as good luck for couples to kiss over a large wedding cake without knocking it over. It was in the 1920s though that the figures of the bride and groom placed on top of the cake really took off. The original story is debated, but well, we want to believe it!

A baker’s daughter was about to get married and she asked her father to create a symbol of the love between her and the groom. He made them a unique creation – the beautiful wedding cake, with the two fabulous figurines on top! A representation of his daughter and her groom-to-be, the baker knew he’d discovered the perfect symbol.

Now the cake topper is as a great way to tie in your wedding them, or show the individual personalities of the bride and groom. Many couples even use them to reflect their story or a common interest. The cake topper is also a beautiful keepsake from the wedding and can remind the couple of their beautiful day.

Here are our top 10 cool, quirky and downright hilarious cake toppers!

  1. The vintage name
  2. Kissing birds
  3. Mr & Mrs
  4. The bossy bride
  5. The sporty groom
  6. The frisky
  7. The proposal
  8. The bride and groom
  9. The love heart
  10. The cartoon characters

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