Wedded Wonderland’s own Kim K lookalike, Hanadi tried out HYPOXI (complete with her dangerous curves) and this is what she said – wait til’ you see how much she’s lost so far!

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Let me be totally blunt: I am a cynic when it comes to anything promising me a shift in weight without heavy lifting. I think the eloquent Missy Elliot articulates my body thoughts perfectly: I got a cute face, chubby waist, thick legs… yeah that’s about it!

When this assignment came to me; ‘try HYPOXI and tell us your thoughts’, I knew I was going to be completely blunt with it to ensure that our dear WW readers have a true reflection of my experience with the brand. I didn’t have to put myself in the shoes of a non-HYPOXI alum, I was one. But I must admit, I was intrigued by this training method that claimed to be more effective than anything I had tried before.

I opted to start my HYPOXI sessions in the wee hours of the morning. You may work HYPOXI into your life schedule however which way it works for you. I am not a morning person at all, but I can barely get to my car after work let alone get myself to training, so I made a calculated decision to ensure I saw HYPOXI through. To skip all the technical bits and get to my personal experience, here is a breakdown of the machines and HYPOXI.


A high tech, astronaut style, low impact training system designed to move fat from stubborn areas. The machines target your mid-section; booty, thigh, hips and tummy.


HYPOXI uses compression suits, vacuum technology and light exercise to mould the stubborn bits, track your heart rate and monitor your skin temperature. There are 2 machines HYPOXI recommend you use to maximise your results (based on your body type and goals).


Let me preface this by saying I do not wake up with perfect windswept hair, whistling to the tune of Climb Every Mountain. I am the polar opposite of a morning person, so the early start was not my friend. I dragged my butt to my first session and was greeted by the lovely Tam who took me up to talk about my goals and get me measured.

Starting Measurements


Waist: 81cm |Stomach: 84cm |Hips: 101.5cm |Bottom: 112cm | Thigh: 63cm |Knee: 49cm 

My experience with weight has been stepping on the scale, screaming internally and stepping off – I don’t understand what ‘good’ measurements are but it is good to know what I measure to and have something concrete to go back to at the end of the month, and Tam made the whole experience really comfortable. I was then clipped into my first contraption – the HYPOXIdermology machine. The HYPOXIdermology machine is where you are zipped into a baggy space-suit with suction cups on the inside. You lay down and you’re connected to vacuum pipes. These pipes then proceed to suck all the air out of the suit and release once the suction cups have popped against your skin. The suction cups encourage circulation to move and burn stubborn fat – it’s like a mini massage.

After 20 minutes I was moved to the L250.

The L250 is where I was fitted with temperature monitoring straps, slipped into a Jetsons style skirt, had my feet strapped into the pedals and clipped into an exercise pod. The pod requires you to cycle for 30 minutes at a low speed keeping your RPMs at a certain number and your heart rate below 130. The Jetsons skirt acts as a body wrap and creates an air tight chamber, allowing your stubborn areas to maximise its fat-burning potential. As promised, the training itself was pretty easy which gets a big thumbs up from me!

I knew I wasn’t allowed to eat an hour before or two hours after, but as I’m not big on breakfast, this was totally fine by me! However, you are also barred from carbs for 4 – 6 hrs AFTER HYPOXI. As a Middle Eastern who eats almost everything with bread (confession – I ate sashimi with bread once), my body kicked into starvation mode and my brain receptors started screaming: NOO, EAT ALL THE FOOD!

The reason for no carbs is because HYPOXI raises your metabolic rate during the exercise and this circulation and fat burning continues for 4 -6 hrs post session. If you eat carbs, these fat burning properties nix the fat and burn the carbs instead, essentially killing your training. So the carbs are totally not worth it!


I feel like I was running on adrenalin in week one. I had a new toy to play with and I was all in on the rules! This week, well, this week reality hit. I have never craved pizza as much as I have this week! That said, HYPOXI recommends you just stick to normal healthy nutrition on your non-HYPOXI days, so I don’t feel like I’m on a strict diet each day of the week. I am also starting to feel a bit firmer and less bloated, so that is a great motivator and I have an amazing support network in the office and outside of it egging me on to see my results.


Also, I knew I had to write this article and how much would I suck if all I did was do HYPOXI, eat McDonald’s fries and drink coffee? Oh I may not have mentioned, its best to avoid caffeine on HYPOXI days, as caffeine dehydrates you.

Having overcome my pizza craving, I’m really excited as Week 2 is my measurement week and the halfway point for my HYPOXI training sessions, and I’ll get to see in writing the results that I can feel in my body. So I WILL make it through and follow the rules… I promise.

First Measurements

Waist: 77cm |Stomach: 83cm |Hips: 93cm |Bottom: 109cm | Thigh: 60cm |Knee: 47cm

Total Loss So Far

26.5 Cm

Keep your eye out for Hanadi’s next update!after

HYPOXI is a low-impact exercise method that is up to 3 x more effective at burning stubborn fat than traditional exercise. Through advanced vacuum and compression technology and healthy nutrition, HYPOXI activates your body’s natural system to burn specific areas of fat and cellulite. Discover the best version of you with HYPOXI. Click here to book your FREE TRIAL if you’re in Australia and click here if you’re in the USA, select a studio and begin your HYPOXI journey today to look and feel your best on your special day.

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