Our Favourite Games for Your Bridal Shower!

Here at Wedded Wonderland, we have searched high and low for some fantastic Bridal shower games!

Each game is unique, and even though some might sound a little cliché, they’re actually surprisingly fun. Below, our favourite Bridal Shower games will stun, impress and definitely cause a little bruising (maybe).


1. The Age Challenge

Your friends will absolutely love this fun game.

Featuring previous photos of the Bride and Groom, everyone will take turns guessing how old you both were at different stages of your life. We suggest handing out a guessing sheet and pencil to each guest.

Whoever guesses the most correct, wins!

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2. The Movie Quotes Game

Because every gal loves a good movie!

This game, featuring quotes from popular movies will have all your guest’s thinking all day long. The highest number of correct answers wins.

CI Rennai Hoefer Wedding shower movie

Image via Quotes about Friendship

3. The Wedding Ring Toss Game

Let your friends show off their skills with a good ring toss!

A good old classic, the ring toss game features pretty bottles and metal rings. Take turns tossing all of the rings to see who can land the most on the bottles.

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Image via DIY Network

4. The ‘He Said, She Said’ Game

Get ready to know the happy couple more!

Set up a station for guests to fill in their guesses of who said what. At the end of the shower, add up the answers and see who has the highest amount.

Make sure to prep ahead and ask the Bride and Groom a series of questions to help with the game.

CI Rennai Hoefer Wedding shower he said she said

Image via DIY Network

5. The Toilet Paper Game

An oldie, but definitely goodie!

Purchase toilet paper (by the bulk) and watch your guests become fashion designers using just one roll! The Bride will then judge the best dressed.

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Image via Furoskiki

6. The old ‘Ball and Chain’ Game

A game where you throw foam balls and chains from one bucket to another!

Make it difficult for your guests and watch them throw while on their knees. Handy tip: use spray-painted foam balls and string to create the balls and chains.

CI Rennai Hoefer Wedding shower ball and chain

Image via My Tru Blu

7. The ‘What’s in Your Purse?’ Game

Yes, we were intrigued too!

This game is all about ‘who’ carries the most random things. As you read from a list of items, whoever has the most points (and things) in their bag wins!

Image result for what's in your purse

Image via Anongohi

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