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Here at Wedded Wonderland we simply love destination weddings. Whether you’re hoping to get married on a dreamy island or saying your vows besides the world’s most historic landmarks, the wedding of your dreams is only a boat, train, or plane ride away. Here are our favourite destination wedding locations.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini has a certain charm with its breathtaking views of the deep blue Aegean Sea contrasting with the white wall of its architecture. Not to mention is gorgeous sunsets and romantic atmosphere it is the perfect destination for a wedding. A quintessential Santorini venue, we can’t get enough of Le Ciel. With unparalleled views of the shore, the volcano and possibly the most romantic sunsets in Greece, Le Ciel is stunning.

Our Fave Destination location Our Fave Destination locationImages via: Le Ciel

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Rome, Tuscany, Venice or even the Amalfi Coast, Italy has plenty to offer when it comes to the dream-wedding destination. When it comes to romance however, the Hotel Villa Cimbrone on the Almalfi coast exceeds all expectations. This 12th century villa is enriched in history and boasts panoramic views of the coast – a backdrop for perfect destination wedding.

Our Fave Destination location Our Fave Destination locationImages via: Hotel Villa Cimbrone/ A Romantic Wedding in Italy

Mexico City, Mexico

A popular wedding destination, Mexico will have you spoilt for choice. Whether you’re after pristine white-sand beaches, seaport locations, mountain backdrops, or a city enriched in tradition and culture, Mexico has it all. Our fave would be the Convent of San Hipolito in Mexico City. This historical monument built in the 16th century is now host to the most elaborate weddings thanks to arduous restoration work.

Our Fave Destination location Our Fave Destination locationImages via: The Convent of San Hipolito

Byblos, Lebanon

Lebanese weddings are known for being loud, extravagant, and festive filled with music, laughter and dancing! Naturally a destination wedding in the heart of Lebanon is a great idea. With an array of gorgeous wedding venues, one we’re particularly fond of is the Byblos Sur Mer. Why Byblos? It home to the mythical site of the ever-so-romantic legend of Adonis and Aphrodite. With outstanding outdoor and indoor spaces this location is sure to impress.

Our Fave Destination location Our Fave Destination locationImages via: Byblos Sur Mer

Orlando, Florida

Balmy and laid-back, Florida is a well-known wedding destination. What’s not so well known is the diversity of its many wedding-ready properties, from quaint inns to historic hotels to gorgeous beach resorts. If you’re a Disney lover, look no further than the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. This Victorian-inspired beauty specialises in fairy-tale fetes. Why not wed in the Pavilion overlooking Cinderella Castle, then head to the ball in a carriage!

Our Fave Destination location Our Fave Destination locationImages via: Disney Weddings

Paris, France

A picturesque city that has the most famous pieces of art, an array of gorgeous monuments, landmarks and attractions that forms the perfect backdrop for a wedding – Paris is the ultimate wedding destination. If your dreaming of getting married in the ‘City of Love’ we say take a peek at the quintessentially French Shangri-La Hotel in the heart of Paris. Former residence of Prince Roland Bonaparte, this hotel is decadent and has an uninterrupted view of the Eiffel Tower.

Our Fave Destination location Our Fave Destination locationImages via: Shangri-La Hotel

Bellarocca Island, Philippines

Considered an island paradise, the Philippines make for the most beautiful island wedding destination. If you were dreaming of having your wedding in an unexplored destination, than look no further than Bellarocca. The island itself is a wedding venue with outdoor and indoor locations. We can’t get enough of its white Santorini-inspired architecture, rolling hills and crystal clear water.

Our Fave Destination location Our Fave Destination locationImages via: Bellarocca/ Bride Club Me

Queenstown, New Zealand

A little closer home, yet still a world apart New Zealand is one of the world’s best wedding destinations. From lord of the rings themed weddings to a stunning reception in front of rolling hills New Zealand takes rugged beauty to the next level. We love the idea of Heli weddings in New Zealand – private elopements in the most gorgeous locations all thanks to a private helicopter trip!

Our Fave Destination location Our Fave Destination locationImages via: Heli weddings

Kabupaten Badung, Bali

Gorgeous views, tropical weather, romantic surroundings and affordable for all the family – a Bali wedding is always a great idea. A popular wedding destination Bali has stunning beachfront backdrops for a tropical wedding. We love the chapel at Ayana resort – an all glass chapel that majestically towers above the resort; it promises to fulfil the wedding ceremony of your dreams. If you were after exclusivity and a little bit of glam, the Bulgari resort is something to behold.

Our Fave Destination location Our Fave Destination location Our Fave Destination locationImages via: Ayana resortBulgari resort

Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii’s second largest island has strict building codes limiting the built environment to cloud the natural beauty of the island. If the undisturbed views of mountains, lava-rock cliffs, surely the stunning beachfronts, pineapple fields, and coffee orchards will have you swayed. The Four Seasons resort in Maui is breathtaking and a perfect location for any wedding – from a low-key elopement to a major garden wedding.

Our Fave Destination location Our Fave Destination locationImages via: The Four Seasons

Malolo Lailai, Fiji

There’s a reason so many about-to-be-weds flock to Fiji to celebrate their love. With exquisite white beaches, lush rainforests and countless hideaway spots, this is one of the most romantic places on earth. If you are after wedding locale in Fiji, check out the Lomani Island resort. Tranquil, peaceful and for adults only, the Resort offers an ideal location in Fiji, with miles of white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters at your doorstep.

Our Fave Destination location Our Fave Destination location Images via: Lomani Island


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