13 Secrets To Make Your Wedding Stand Out From The Rest

Let’s be real Fairies, cookie-cutter weddings are so last season! Every couple wants to have a wedding that everyone talks about for the next few years and we have all the secrets to help you create an iconic and unforgettable wedding.

And when wedding season comes around, all the weddings can start to look identical to each other with the same floral arrangements, the same styling the same bridesmaid dresses, you get the picture!

Make yours the one to talk about with these tips and tricks!

1. Be Authentic

There is substitute for a wedding that truly reflects the bride and groom as a couple. Incorporate elements and details that truly reflect your styles or personalities to ensure your guests will truly remember your special day.

2. Embrace A Seasonal Setting

There is something special about a setting that evokes memories of a particular season, which is why its best to plan your wedding around a season that evokes some sort of memories of you and your couple’s relationship. The season and setting of your wedding sets the tone and ambience of your wedding so choose a place that makes you feel inspired.

3. Don’t Be Afraid Of Colour

Yes all white is a classic and timeless combination, but don’t be scared to colour outside the lines! Add a splash of colour to your wedding styling, floral arrangements or your bridal party’s attire.

4. Create A Memorable Environment

This all comes down to your decor and styling. Whether you like a minimalistic yet elegant look or an extravagant and extra style, make sure all your details come together to create a memorable space.

5. Create Mood Boards

Spend some time thinking about what you really like and make lists of ideas, colours, concepts you love and your mood boards will start to come together.

6. Have An Interactive Moment

Your guests make your event! Ensure they are entertained at your wedding by thinking outside the box and allowing your guests to do something! This can be as simple as serving their own drinks from a pre-made batch of your secret cocktail recipe to just a simple Photo Booth.

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7. Think About Your Seating

Your seating arrangements count more than you might think. This all adds to your guests’ experience at your wedding. Personalised and creative place cards can also add that special touch. For ideas on unique place cards, click here!

8. Hire A Mobile Drink Trailer

An unlisted, self-serve station is a must at any wedding! From mobile rosé services to coffee and mobile bar stations the options are endless!

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9. Give Fun & Unique Favours

Think beyond sugar coated almonds and candles! Your wedding favours are that last detail that your guests can take home and treasure your special day. Click here for some fun ideas!

10. Make The First Dance An Unforgettable Moment

Your first dance as husband and wife, do we have to say anything else? Make this moment unforgettable and special by choosing a song that you and your parter love which will make the moment memorable.

11. Serve Something Refreshing

Let’s be honest, we only came here for the food, drinks and the cake! These are the essential elements to set your wedding a part from all the others! Think something bubbly and exciting for drinks as this will kick start your beautiful event. Need a little inspiration? Click here!

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12. Get The Party Started

Add a little tradition and life to your playlist! These personalised tambourines will be a huge hit to those classic traditional songs and this will set your wedding a part from all those other weddings!

13. It’s Your Day

Don’t worry about pleasing your guests, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself and have the time of your life! After all, everyone will remember your beautiful smile that will be on your face the entire day.

We say that’s the ultimate sign of a wedding to remember!

Written By: Alessandra Fasanella

Feature Image By: Siempre Weddings

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