He’s been down on one knee, you’ve secured the big rock, but then comes the first hurdle in the marriage marathon – who pays for the wedding?

To help kickstart the conversation, here are the main elements of the wedding with exactly who (traditionally) should fork out the cash.

The Bridal Gown

The Bride and her family are normally responsible for paying for the Bride to look beautiful on her Big Day; This includes her wedding gown, hair and makeup, as well as the Flowergirl’s dress.5

The Bridesmaid Dresses

If the Bridesmaids are adults, they usually pay for their own.

The Groom and Groomsmen Suits

Same deal goes for the groom and his posse. The Groom or his family will pay for his get-up and the adult Groomsmen will be responsible for paying for their own suits.

The Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Traditionally, the ceremony venue is covered by the Bride’s family. The celebrant and marriage license, however, is covered by the Groom’s. These days, though, some families are applying a rule that the Bride’s family pays for the entire reception, while the Groom’s forks out for the ceremony, making it easier to manage.

The Wedding Rings

The Bride should buy her new husband’s wedding band, while the Groom does the same for his new wife.2

The Invitations

The Bride’s family pay for invitations and thank-you cards; they’re also responsible for posting these out. If this wasn’t a big enough job, the family is also expected to coordinate and pay for any other stationary used at the wedding, including name cards, seating plans and menu cards.

The Photographer

The photographer and videographer are generally covered by the Bride’s family, but if the couple want any extras or have special requirements, the Bride and Groom should cover the excess cost.

The Flowers

The Groom’s family cover the bouquets and boutonnieres and the Bride’s family cover the flowers used to decorate the venue.1

The Thank-You Gifts

The Bride and Groom should organise and pay for the gifts for their bridal party (including a pressie for each of their parents). The couple should also cover the bombonieres.

The Accommodation

The Groom should book and cover the cost of the accommodation on the wedding night, but his family will traditionally pay for the honeymoon.

The Wedding Cars

The wedding cars are chosen, booked and paid for by the Groom.3

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