Let’s be honest, no one enjoys going to a wedding solo, but there are times in every girl’s life when she just has to hold her head high and hit the dance-floor sans date. So, before you decline an invite, reconsider, because we’ve put together our tips and tricks for attending a wedding as a single girl – move over Beyoncé, because these ladies are ready to rule the reception!

1. Social Media Stalk


The likelihood that you’ll be attending a wedding without knowing any of the guests is miniscule. Make use of your Facebook stalking skills and find mutual friends of the bride and groom who might also be invited and get in touch with them to chat about the upcoming event. That way, when the big day comes around, you have someone you can talk (cling!) to.

2. Offer Your Services

If you’re worried about being alone on your friend’s wedding day, ask them to put you to work! There’s bound to be hundreds of small tasks that you can assist with during the ceremony and reception and it will give you something to do, especially if you’re not confident making conversation or meeting new people.

3. Plan a Mini Speed Date


For those fairies who are single and ready to mingle, this is the perfect opportunity to run your own miniature speed dating session. Have a few ice-breaking questions prepped, down a champagne and start working your way through all the eligible bachelors at the event (the groomsmen are always a good place to start)!

4. Mentally Prepare for the Soppy Songs

We guarantee that for every fun party song, there will be an equally sappy slow dance song and unfortunately, you can only duck out to the bathroom three or four times during these romantic tunes before your table guests will start to think you have a bladder problem. Prepare yourself to cope with the slow songs (otherwise known as a single girl’s 3-minutes of hell); if you’re feeling sassy, grab the hand of a single guy and hit the floor, or be the best aunt in the room and twirl with the pageboy.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Leave Early

If you’re uncomfortable, don’t be scared to leave the reception early in the night. Traditionally the cake-cutting marks the end of the formal wedding, so simply grab your slice (chocolate mud, please) to go!

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