New Contestant for the Bachelorette is “nothing this show has ever seen”

Tall, dark and handsome, the latest confirmed contestant for the Bachelorette seems like the model candidate. But Blake the “investor-slash-entrepreneur” claims to be “nothing this show has ever seen”.

The latest season of the Bachelorette Australia featuring former radio star Sophie Monk is due to premiere on September 20th, serving up the most eligible bachelors. And we’ve spotted a trend.

Blake’s the third confirmed contestant and at 29-years-old, he continues the current trend of contestants being significantly younger than the blonde bombshell Bachelorette who’s 37. Introducing himself via the Bachelorette Instagram account the dark-haired, bearded bachelor faced many mixed reactions for the show’s fans. A few left shocked as to why all three contestants are what one fan puts “Waaay too young”.

The first contestant announced, Apollo a magician is just 24-years-old. A huge 13-year difference between Sophie and himself. The second confirmed bachelor was vineyard manager Jarrod, who continued the trend at 31.

Will the age gap make a difference in Sophie’s quest to find love? During her chat with radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O, she revealed who she’ll pick when she is Bachelorette.


“I’m looking for someone who doesn’t want fame”, she said. “It’s a chance for me to meet someone lovely and normal”.

“With the show, I’ve got someone literally looking all over the country for a guy for me”, she exclaims with gusto. I guess with no mention of age in sight, will just have to wait and see which Bachelor will win Sophie’s heart.


Article written by Alison Donnellan


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