Event Queen Joins Audrey Hepburn in Rose Hall of Fame

Rose Hall Of Fame Nadia Duran

Move over, Audrey Hepburn and Lady Diana! There’s a new rose in town, and it’s named after our very own Nadia Duran. This award-winning international event planner just joined the elite Rose Hall of Fame, and boy, did she celebrate in style!

How do you celebrate joining flower royalty? By whisking 50 of your closest industry besties from 17 countries to the Netherlands for the party of the century, of course! And yes, we were lucky enough to secure an exclusive invite, just so we could share the festivities with you.


Behind The Rose


Nadia’s flower-ship with VOORN Roses started in Greece, where she fell head over heels for their stunning blooms and just had to become their brand ambassador. Ultimately this passion flourished and gave birth to the Nadia Duran rose!


A spray rose like the Nadia Duran isn’t your average bloom. This stunning flower features multiple heads (5-6 heads and 60 petals per stem, to be exact), delighting from April to October. And here’s the best part—it’s a sustainable choice, needing minimal energy to grow, perfectly aligning with Nadia’s dedication to both elegance and environmental consciousness. Bred by Interplant Roses and lovingly grown by VOORN, this flower embodies pure elegance with its soft, feminine hues—a perfect match for Nadia’s iconic wedding brand.







What does it mean to have a flower named after someone?


For Nadia, it’s a nod to her incredible impact on the wedding industry, celebrated through awards and her unforgettable presence at international events.


The Unveiling: The Nadia Duran Rose

Flying across the world to the city famous for windmills, canals, and (hello, Gouda cheese!), guests to Amsterdam days in advance, eager for the adventure ahead.


Starting the morning at the heart of it all, the guest list featuring luminaries like Tomas De Bruyne, Sarah Young, Meltem Tepeler, and Amsterdam’s Favorite Housewife Hella Huizinga, were whisked away to VOORN Greenhouses. Greeted with bespoke cocktails and tantalizing canapés, Mr. Frank VOORN, the charismatic grower behind VOORN Spray Roses, led 50 special guests through the life cycle of these sustainable marvels, showcasing their raw beauty in the ‘main greenhouse’.









But little did they know, an irresistible surprise awaited inside the ‘seasonal greenhouse’, where the air was filled with the enchanting strains of a violinist and a mouth-watering gastronomic experience for all. 


Alongside the lady of the hour, Mr. VOORN officially unveiled the rose, cutting the first bloom to a chorus of applause and admiration #bravo!  This moment not only celebrated the flower’s stunning beauty but also paid tribute to Nadia’s profound influence on the industry—a testament to her unparalleled creativity and visionary spirit.


Dutch Delights and Culinary Fireworks

You’re sipping bespoke cocktails in VOORN Greenhouses, when suddenly, Chef Michael Cervino (straight out of Sicily!) starts whipping up a 5-course feast that’s more art than food. Meanwhile, a violinist is serenading the first cut of the Nadia Duran rose. 

Is this real life or a fever dream? Who cares – pass the champagne!

Rose Hall of Fame Nadia Duran Spray Rose

After the greenhouse, we headed to The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam to kickstart the afterparty with some more cocktails and canapes! For the history nerds, this Hilton accommodation is located in the UNESCO-listed city center and the hotel spans six 17th and 18th-century palaces on the Herengracht Canal (quite literally ICONIC). 


Boasting nearly 100 loft suites offering canal and garden views, two Michelin-starred restaurants, a Guerlain Spa, and exceptional event spaces, our stay was truly delightful. A standout feature for us was the personalized parfum touch, enhancing the sensory experience for every guest. Upon check-in, visitors can choose a signature scent—whether opting for a sweet floral or a rich oud—to be sprayed in their room, adding a unique touch to their stay.

But let’s not digress; back to the afterparty… enjoying the lively company, the evening extended from the Waldorf to LuminAir Amsterdam, also known as ‘The Bar Above Amsterdam’. Another venue under Hilton’s ownership, the night was spectacular, and the service was even more exquisite.


The Legacy of Nadia Duran

From a rose named in her honor to evenings steeped in luxury and refinement, Nadia Duran’s legacy is shining brighter than ever. Her talent for transforming events into unforgettable experiences and her commitment to mentoring future industry leaders are a testament to her influence and dedication. As guests raise their glasses to Nadia, just like roses may her legacy continue to flourish and inspire for generations to come!


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