“My Week Ahead of My Wedding”- Snezana Wood Tells All

Wedded Wonderland spoke with Snezana Wood, former Bachelor Sam Wood’s gorgeous wife, and she told us all about her nutrition, exercise, self-care and revealed some last-minute planning tips in the week leading up to her spectacular Melbourne Wedding to Sam Wood.

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When it came down to nutrition, she certainly didn’t have to change a whole lot. We can’t think of a better way to stay healthy than to have your husband to be’s 28 By Sam Wood’s meal and workout plans readily available to you at all times!

“I was eating well anyway following the 28 eating plan, I definitely increased my water in-take because that’s something I tend to forget when I’m busy. I was really conscious to eat x 3 quality meals every day because I was feeling really good and the healthy happy weight I had reached at my final dress fitting.”

And her ultimate weakness? “Bread is my kryptonite. I love it! I didn’t cut it out altogether but in the lead up to the big day I definitely cut down.”


A combination of 28 home workouts, walks with her cutie pie daughter Willow and boxing were the perfect combination for a wedding ready body.

“On weekends I also tried to go for a run which was something Sam and I often did together. Not to mention carrying Willow around was the best arm workout ever!”  It certainly does not hurt to have a personal trainer as your hubby to be!


If there are some beauty tips Snez would happily pass on to our Wedded Wonderland Fairies it’s to drink more water, wear sunscreen, book in dental appointments and exfoliate from head to toe! What NOT to do? Try new face creams or masks! Steer clear Fairies!


Planning Tips

If there are any last minute planning tips Snez would suggest it’s to definitely not leave anything really important to your husband-to-be! And don’t assume or be afraid to ask questions.


“Don’t assume a provider understands your explanation of things you want. Ask for visual examples to see if you’re both on the same page and have the same vision.” If you’re feeling overwhelmed don’t be afraid to ask for help, “It’s ok to ask your friends and family to help out with little bits and pieces to help ease the pressure.”



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