Must Haves for Styling Your Bedroom on Your Wedding Day

From flowers to candles to crystals, we know that as a bride-to-be you just won’t stop until your wedding is stylish and fabulous.But have you factored in the first place your photographer will snap you on your big day? That’s right, your bedroom!

If you’re getting ready at home styling your bedroom (or your parents – because let’s face it, getting ready is a messy business) is imperative. It should be a reflection of the person you are and not just a cookie cutter version of every other bride. Plus it’ll look great in photographs!

Our bedroom styling must-haves are:


Having a display of your bouquet or adding a lovely bunch of fresh florals will instantly add class to your boudoir.

A large mirror

Adding a mirror will reflect light and make the room look much bigger. Plus you have the opportunity to get great images through the looking glass.

A vanity or dresser

If you already own one of these, make sure it’s cleaned and ready to be styled. Add a frame picture, some flowers and a bottle of perfume. Remember simplicity is key!

Luxe bed sheets

Invest in beautiful sheets that compliment your wedding dress and the theme of your wedding. Here’s when you can truly personalise the look. Try not to go for the same shade as your dress – you don’t want to blend in with your sheets.

A gorgeous hanger

Everyone loves images of a wedding dress hanging whimsically ready and waiting to be put on. So pick a beautiful (heavy duty) hanger to hang your dress or ask your dress designer for one of theirs.

And don’t forget to find somewhere to display your shoes! If you’ve invested in beautiful Jimmy Choos or Louboutins make sure you take some pictures of them!


Article written by Alison Donnellan

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