Mixed Gender Bridal Party: How to Rock it Like a Boss

When it comes to weddings these days, there are no such thing as rules or must dos. Wear a short dress or a long dress, have one bridesmaid or ten … or none at all!

Tradition most certainly doesn’t reign supreme, on the contrary, it’s not unusual couples go to great lengths to ensure their big day reflects their own unique personalities and those of their favourite people. And it’s in this spirit of true personalisation that modern couples have adopted the trend within the LGBTQI community of mixed gendered wedding parties.

If you’re a girl with close males friends and want to include them in your wedding, do it! And vice versa for guys, there’s no reason to feel apprehensive about having a close female friend stand on your side of the ceremony, too.  Don’t be bound by convention, your big day is precisely that: yours to spend how and with whom you wish.

If you’re worried about how to coordinate outfits, don’t be. We recommend that you style both sides of the aisle, having one colour represent each side is perhaps the simplest way to go about this.

Check out these gorgeous wedding squads to see precisely how easy it is to style both sides of your aisle.

1. Keeping it nice and simple in classic white

mixed gender bridal party

Image via: lover.ly.com

2. Who says boys can’t wear pink?

mixed gender bridal party

Image via: huffintonpost.com


3. Charming with touches of yellow

mixed gender bridal party

Image via: instagram@jenniferthao


4. We salute you groomswomen

mixed gender bridal party

Image via: rocknrollbride.com

5. Dont quite understand the rock?

mixed gender bridal party

Image via: Thomas Stewart Photography

6. Simply Gorgeous


Image via: blog.saraculver.com

7. Stunning Boho Wedding

mixed gender bridal party

Image via: greenweddingshoes.com

8. Gorgeous pair of groomswomen

mixed gender bridal party

Image via: gettinghitched.chigarden.com

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