Megan Marx Returning to The Bachelor After Breaking Up With Richie!

Shut the front door! It appears as though 31-year old blonde bachelorette Megan Marx is returning to the set of The Bachelor after breaking up with Richie during a rose ceremony just last week.

NW Magazine reported that Richie was so upset when Megan left that he worked hard to convince her to return to the show.

This would put a serious spanner in the works for Nikki who’s been the show’s favourite to win ever since Megan stormed out of the mansion.

A source told NW Magazine, “’Megan was overwhelmed after that cocktail party – Keira and Kiki were fighting, intruders had come in, and she couldn’t take it anymore. The decision she made that day had nothing to do with Richie, and she realised that after she had some time away.”



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