Marrying a Scorpio? Read this first

If you’re dating or Marrying a Scorpio, congrats! This is one of the sexiest star-signs in the zodiac; however, they’re also one of the toughest an require a lot of patience.

1. They can be distrusting

Scorpios don’t jump into a relationship and you need to earn their trust before they’ll let down their guard. They don’t like to be vulnerable, so unless you spend time breaking down their walls, you’ll never get an insight into their persona.


2. They’re determined

Be warned, Fairies, Scorpios do not give up easily and they love a challenge, so be prepared to either surrender or stand your ground until the end. If you do the latter, fear not, because Scorpios bounce back quickly and will forget about it in no time!

3. They’re love to be in charge

Scorpios love to take the lead and when they feel like they’re being controlled, it can result in an epic meltdown. If you are very opinionated and also love to take the lead, be prepared for either fireworks or heartbreak!

4. They’re independent

Although Scorpios appreciate having a partner in crime, they also need their own independence, so be prepared to give them loads of ‘alone time’, along with your regular couple’s date nights.


5. Don’t lie to a Scorpio

Scorpios don’t take liars very well, in fact it’s the worst thing you can possibly do. Whether it’s a big, fat lie or a tiny white lie, Scorpios are unforgiving when it comes to ‘porkers’.

6. They’re Intense

If you love passion and intensity in a boyfriend, then a Scorpio is perfect. He’ll sweep you off your feet with his mysterious, but charming personality.

7. They’re Devoted

Although they’re passionate and driven, Scorpios are also very loyal, so once they’ve committed to you, you can rest assured they’ll have your back forever.


Images from Madeleine and Dave’s Wedding. Photography by Aleksandar Jason Weddings.

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