Leos are one of the bigger personalities in the Zodiac, so if you’re Marrying one, get ready for the ride of your life! Your Leo lover is charming, strives to be in control and can be a bit of a diva; regardless, he or she will make the ultimate trophy hubby!

So before you say ‘I Do’ to a Leo, here are seven things you need to know.

1. They ARE the Party

Leos are the life of a party and they’re always happy to take the spotlight. Natural story-tellers, Leos tend to be animated and outgoing and as long as you’re OK to let them be the centre of attention, they’ll be a partner for life.

2. They Need Energy

Leos thrive off the energy from others and if you don’t have the zest of an energiser bunny, you’ll probably find them exhausting!

3. They’re Passionate

If you want a hubby who can sweep you off your feet with romance and passion, a Leo is your perfect match. They tend to be generous, considerate and uninhibited, especially when it comes to the bedroom. Leos are all about pleasure and they love the idea of love.

4. They Can Be a Green-Eyed Monster

Leos are renowned for their ability to get jealous over the smallest thing, so if you have another guy flirting with you, be prepared for drama. This is often a misunderstood trait of Leos, as they only get upset because they have such a fragile ego, meaning their feelings can get easily hurt when your attention is directed elsewhere.


5. They Are Good at Getting Their Own Way

Because they’re ridiculously charming, Leos tend to get their own way, making them tricky to deal with in a disagreement. It’s all about compromise and trying to find a solution that makes them feel like they aren’t making a huge sacrifice.

6. Baby, They’re a Firework

Leos have a temper like no other astrology sign, so be prepared for an occasion outburst! Don’t stress, though, because as quickly as they flare up, Leos will calm down; just be prepared to ride out the storm.

7. Slow and Steady Loses

Leos are not the slow and steady star sign; they’re impatient and will rush through things, which is great if you need something done around the house (#BestCleanersEver). Leos will always finish what they start, but they can make small mistakes because of how much they rush.

Images from Daizy and Sargon’s Wedding. Photography by Yazzen Photography.

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