The day has finally arrived! We see the last moments before the three remaining couples separate to have ‘alone time’ and make their final decision on whether to stay Married. Here’s the outcome!

Simone and Xavier – Broken Up

This is the big shock of the night. From the very start of their Marriage, Xavier and Simone had some killer chemistry; however, Xav’s lack of affection has always been a contentious issue.

Over the past few weeks, there were rumours that these two were no longer together (Simone was spotted sans Wedding ring and flirting with some cute guys at a bar) and tonight’s episode confirmed that, with Simone saying to a speechless and obviously upset, Xavier,

“I want someone who’s excited to see me when I walk in that door and I want somebody who genuinely wants to hold me,”

“I’m clear in my decision that I’m going to walk away from this relationship because I feel you cannot give me any of those things.”


Christie and Mark – Still Married

Farmer Mark and city girl Christie took a while to ease into their relationship with Christie putting up an emotional wall from their very first meeting. However, over the last few weeks, Mark has managed to pull down this barrier brick by brick and the only final hurdle of the relationship was the thousand kilometres between the two.

Christie admitted that she was falling in love and gushes over Mark, “I love how I feel when I’m around Mark. He’s got to be one of the best guy’s I have ever met.”

Both Christie and Mark are keen to stay Married. There’s strong rumours that these two are pregnant, but only time will tell!


Erin and Bryce – Still Married

Yay! These two lovebirds have made it through the experiment intact. The only hiccup along the way (besides Erin’s poor attempts at baking a three-ingredient packet cake… no judgment), was their different perspectives on children. Bryce is slightly older and looking to start a family quickly, where 26-year old Erin isn’t even sure she wants kids.

However, the pair got through it and are still living together to this day and Erin admits she’s changed her mind about kids. She’s now open to the idea – congrats, guys.


Clare and Jono – Broken Up

Clare let loose some HUGE news tonight! Clare’s a new mum to gorgeous diaper-wearing pup, Ruby who has Spina Bifida. Ruby is another addition to Clare’s rescue dog family which includes the very cute French Bulldog, Dutchy (who hated Jono right from the start).

Jono revealed that he was dating someone, however it was short lived, with him confirming that he’d since broken up with the new girlfriend. He’s single ladies…


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