Married At First Sight: Another Runaway Bride!

Well, the dinner party was a complete success! Right?

We would have to disagree on that one.

From couple feuds to another runaway Bride, things were heading into a complete firestorm on Married At First Sight last night.

Let us begin with the odd couple, and we mean John and Deborah.

Cheryl, confused, asks John why he isn’t wearing his Wedding ring. And the couple both begin to unravel the entire story to everyone!

“He gave up on the wedding. I’m serious, you gave up on the wedding night, you dumped me on the wedding night,” she says.

Hello! Did she not request a Polynesian man? You can’t change the story now!

Of course, with the table at Johns defence, Deborah walks out and mysteriously grabs her handbag (which was hidden behind a bush) and steps into a taxi.

“I have my receipts and I don’t see the problem may I speak to the manager?”

Image: Channel 9

What do you think of Scarlett and Michael? Not much we suppose..

The duo, wanting to be friends instead, insists on playing the happy couple at the dinner party last night.

And with a little alcohol and snubbing, Scarlett was ready to reveal her husbands BIG secret..

“You know what he does for a living? He’s a strrriiipppper,” she sneers. “I’m not allowed to tell anyone. I get paired with a stripper. Lucky me.”

This was actually menacing.

Image: Channel 9

Lets talk about Cheryl and Jonathon!

Firstly, they must be the most unhappiest couple on the planet. It became too much for Cheryl who shed tears after a falling out with her spouse and began befriending jilted Groom, Andrew.

Meanwhile, Scarlett, annoyed with Michael communicates with Jonathon on a political topic: TRUMP!

It seems they both love the president so much, they began to sit and laugh all night long. Here’s how it went down.

Jonathan: “I’m a staunch republican. I’m, like, NRA supporter.”

Scarlett: “Me too! Pro guns! Pro life!”

Jonathan: “Hands down, I’d vote for Trump.”

Scarlett: “Me too!”

Jonathan: “They need a shake up, they need a change of system.”

Scarlett: “He’s gonna be soooo good for them.”

Talk about fraternizing with the enemy. Aren’t Cheryl and Scarlett friends?


Image: Channel 9

For the rest of the group, things were looking peachy.

The twins Sharon and Michelle were happy as well as our favourite country couple Susan and Sean.

Who do you think will call it quits for good?

Tell us your thoughts!


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