Manicure Inspiration To Show Off Your Ring

Following your engagement, your hand is going to be the absolute focus of your family and friends. A gorgeous manicure emphasises and compliments the ring following the big question! Here’s some inspiration from some of our favourite nail artists.

A Hint Of Marble

This subtle yet gorgeous design is a gorgeous addition to a simple manicure. The soft shades of white marble go particularly well with shades of pink polish!

Elegant Simplicity

You can never go wrong with nude. Keep it short and sweet like with a simple shade of nude, and you can rest assured the focus will be entirely on your gorgeous ring.

Pearly whites

A white nail polish will create a classy and elegant contrast against your skin and ring. Add a coat of pearly shimmer or gloss for that extra little sparkle.

More Bling, Anyone?

If you’re after a more extravagant design, look no further than these gorgeous diamond details. Make sure you ask your nail designer to add just enough to accentuate your ring!

A Touch Of France

Nothing is more classic than a French tip manicure. Maintain elegance by adding a shade of pink to your nails, or keep it clear for a more simple look.

Chrome moment

This is ideal for a statement look. The chrome design gives a new dimension to your nails, and absolutely screams ‘showstopper’!

Pure Nail Art

If you’re after something more abstract, pick a nail designer that knows their art. Experiment with different patterns till you’ve found the perfect one!

Ombré Beauty

Simple, yet intricate, the ombré design has become a favourite amongst nail-art lovers worldwide. It adds a pop of colour, yet maintains a classic aura.

Absolute Fire

Nudes and pinks may be beautiful in their simplicity, but a pop of colour can suit a future bride that’s after a more daring look. Colourful combinations can turn out gorgeously too!

Written by: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Instagram

Posted in Fashion by wedded wonderland

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