Makeup Tips For Getting a Flawless Face

Putting on makeup like a professional isn’t easy, so we’ve sourced the insider tips and tricks to get you covered. Alison Jade, founder of Alison Jade Cosmetics exclusively told Wedded Wonderland backstage at Fashion Palette 2017 that heavy makeup is out.

“Everyone is moving away from that and choosing a dark, smokey eye; even a light peachy look that’s natural when contrasted with fluffy eyebrows and soft hairstyles.”

So when it comes to applying the latest trends, what’s the best way to do it? Martina Williams from Jane Iredale shares crucial makeup tips to getting a fabulous, flawless face.

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I have 10 minutes to do my makeup. What can I do that would make the most difference?

Taking time to properly prep the skin prior to makeup application will make all the difference in not only how your makeup looks but also how your makeup will last throughout the day to ensure that it looks as though it’s just been freshly applied. We recommend the following quick steps to prep your skin before applying makeup:

Step 1. Give your skin a quick, thorough cleanse – a mitt can remove leftover makeup, oil and dirt and gently polish the skin to remove any surface dryness. This allows your moisturiser to be better absorbed into the skin and your primer won’t accentuate surface dryness. Your foundation can then glide on easily resulting in a much more smooth and even finish.

Step 2. Hydrate! Use a moisturiser that is best for your skin type, massage into the skin and allow a minute or so for it to be fully absorbed before applying primer.

Step 3. Use a primer that does it all! A smooth facial primer and brightener instantly hydrates skin and minimises the appearance of pores and fine lines, allowing foundation to glide on effortlessly.


How do I blend my blush so it looks natural?

It’s all in the brush. Choose a brush that has dense fibres, but is soft. Concentrate your placement of colour on the apples of the cheeks and swirl the brush around in small circular motions so as to distribute the colour evenly. Blend in an upward motion extending colour slightly upwards along the cheekbones.

Applying your blush too low on the cheeks can actually age you. Choose a lighter, brighter hue such as a medium tone pink or peach, in order for blush to look natural. It should mimic the natural flush you get after a light workout, so avoid darker blush colours like browns and taupe.


What should I use to keep my makeup on longer?

Using a primer prior to makeup application will extend the wear of your makeup, this is also important for people with oily skin, who find their makeup tends to separate throughout the day. An oil control primer is designed for oily problematic skin types.

Setting your makeup with a light layer of translucent powder will also help to keep your foundation in place. Try some mattifying powder; it’s designed to add only minimal colour and coverage which means that it looks natural. This powder is ultra-oil absorbent, so it’s great for setting emollient based products such as foundation and concealer and will help to keep your makeup in place all day.


What makeup is best for freckles?

Usually people with freckles tend to have quite fair complexions, so using products that contain SPF protection is quite important to avoid further pigmented areas on the skin. Rather than risking masque looking foundation, opt for a foundation that is sheer to allow freckles to still shine through. To completely cover freckles means you’ll need a lot of coverage which can look ‘cakey’ and unnatural. A tinted moisturiser will lightly even skin tone and provide the important SPF protection.


How can make-up help minimise lines?

Choosing the right foundation formula can help to minimise the appearance of lines. Heavy matte foundations look dry and only accentuate fine lines. We recommend our Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream, this emollient based cream foundation hydrates the skin and helps to plump out those lines caused by skin being dehydrated. Glow Time contains coconut alkanes which provide a silky feel and glide, resulting in a beautiful soft focus finish on the skin.


How can I make my big eyes look smaller?

Avoid using pale, light and reflective eye shadows as they will only make eyes appear bigger. Dark colours will recede features, so to make large eyes appear smaller try using darker eye shadows and eye liners. Try applying black or dark eye liner pencils to the inside of the upper and lower lash line; this will have a shrinking effect to make your eyes look smaller. You can also try placing dark coloured shadows over the entire eye lid to make the ball of the eye appear less prominent. Think Oprah – she has large eyes, but you will only ever see her with a smokey eye.


How can I make liner in my eyebrows look natural?

It’s all about the tools. Take a clean mascara wand or spoolie brush and comb through the brow so that the brush fibres are actually touching the skin. This softens the makeup so it doesn’t appear obvious and drawn on, the look is soft and diffused.


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