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There’s a makeup brush for your foundation, a myriad of makeup brushes for your eyes, a brush for your brows, and the list doesn’t stop. No wonder a girl can get a little overwhelmed when it comes to scanning the makeup counter for the right essentials! To make your beauty routine a lot easier and smoother, we’ve enlisted the help of expert makeup artist Lara Semrany to share the need-to-know details when it comes to makeup brushes, and her favourite trends to try now.

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What kind of makeup brushes should I invest in?

Invest in a few different shapes and types of brushes, so you can achieve different things. The best kind of brushes to invest in are synthetic hair brushes for cream products such a foundation and lipstick, as well as natural hair brushes to use for powder products such as eyeshadow and blush.

What size brush is best for eyeshadow?

It depends on what you’re trying to achieve with your eyeshadow. If you want a strong look it’s best to use a short and dense natural hair brush for precision application. If you want to blend an eyeshadow or create a soft wash of colour to the eyelid, it’s best to use a fluffier, natural hair brush.

What are the golden rules when it comes to brush care?

How can I prevent a brush head from losing its shape after washing?

Reshape the bristles as you go, and lay them flat off the edge of a table so that the head is not touching anything.

What is the ‘on-trend’ eye style this season?

Trends change from season to season, but right now there’s a lot of softer, warm tones in a halo shape around the eye focusing on glossy textures paired with chunky lashes

What is the colour every girl should try for Autumn/Winter?

I love a bold lip as it is a statement for every woman to feel amazing. A must try is a deep burgundy red tone as well as an auburn red/brown tone fit Autumn/Winter. My recommendations would be Mahogany lipliner and Diva Lipstick from Mac Cosmetics.

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