So you have the man and you have the ring… but now what? We all know that one of the first things a girl wants to do is to pick the ladies she needs by her side throughout the rollercoaster experience.

There is just one huge dilemma. Which one of your girls should have the coveted title of Maid of Honour? But the problem is you might be involved in some bribery attempts and hurt feelings for what exactly? What is the difference between a Maid of Honour and just a regular bridesmaid anyway?

A Maid of Honour carries the majority of responsibility in the lead up to the wedding. She coordinates the bridesmaids in organising pre-wedding activities such as the hens night and kitchen tea. She is also active in other areas, attending dress fittings, menu tastings and other appointments with the bride. On the day, she is the bride’s closest attendant and is often a witness to the signing of marriage certificate.

Bridesmaids take part in the wedding preparations and assist the bride in all the little tasks. Their major role is to ensure her journey to the altar is as stress-free as possible. They may send out invitations, organise appointments and take care of all the pre-wedding events.

We say no matter the title, all that is important is that you choose a handful of ladies who you know will support you on your journey. And preferably won’t create the sort of scene that gets you kicked of an airplane on your way to Vegas. (If you didn’t get that reference, go and watch Bridesmaids. Now.)

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