MAFS: Wife Cheats With Another Husband

Four weeks into the experiment, and the couples have now moved into the next crucial phase, where they reunite with family and friends for the first time since their wedding day. While the drama keeps escalating, we’ve been keeping up, Fairies. And it ain’t pretty.

To start off, golden couple Cathy and Josh have not spoken to each other in three days (ouch!), after an argument in which Cathy asked Josh if he was flirting with fellow MAFS wife, Hayley.

The couple is reunited with their family and friends, and Josh pretty much ‘dobs’ on his wife… to his mother. *insert cringing emoji here* Josh’s mother then snaps at Cathy: “That’s a bit rough, Cath. For you to ignore Josh for three whole days, that breaks my heart. He’s here with no family. That hurts me. Three days is three days too long. Don’t ever ignore my son again.”

The couple went on to discuss their issue and was snuggled up in bed by the end of the episode, yay!

Meanwhile, Vanessa and Chris have not been getting along as a married couple, as Vanessa described. Chris migrated to the couch due to a cold, but has since remained there (and it’s been weeks…).

Once the family and friends arrive, Vanessa breaks down and starts begging Chris to say if he’s attracted to her “I feel very rejected, 100 per cent. I’ve never felt so rejected in my life.”, she says. Chris finally responds: “I just feel like things have turned shit. When you sit here barking like this, it does push me further back.” Vanessa then picked up and stormed out with her best friend running after her. The couple has officially made their exit.

Additionally, Mikey and Natasha are still struggling to get over an inappropriate comment made by Natasha to the other MAFS husbands. Let’s just say, it mocked Mickey in the context of their intimate life…

After their family arrives, Mikey is quick to bring up the issue, and Natasha breaks down saying her worst fear is to walk away with an enemy, as her father responds: “It’s not worth it, it’s meant to be fun, natural, fantastic… I think you guys are better off maintaining some dignity and going home”. Natasha then starts crying and runs out of the room.

The episode ended with one of the biggest revelations, EVER. David is seeing recording himself and revealing that his wife, Hayley, is currently at Darling Harbour with fellow husbands Michael and Chris, and is making out with Michael…

The next episode’s preview then shows Hayley arguing with Michael over who came on to who, as the dinner party turns into a frenzy.

Well, Fairies, we’ll definitely be watching the next episode!

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