MAFS: The Best Memes From Last Night’s Explosive Episode

To sum it all up, Fairies, things got ugly last night! Lovebirds Aleks and Ivan are no longer heading in a good direction, after Aleks admitted to having no romantic feelings for her husband. The couple has been refusing to discuss their intimacy with anyone, but last night, Michael attempted to corner Aleks regarding the issue. Aleks was very distraught to find out that Ivan had been discussing their intimacy behind her back.

Additionally, newbies Drew and KC are already having issues, with Drew admitting that he’s not okay with KC’s materialistic nature and cosmetic procedures, and KC throwing out his stuffed animals. Times are tough (and weird), Fairies

Here are our favourite memes from last night, scroll for a laugh!

Digital Content Coordinator: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Channel 9

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