MAFS: Sisters Claim Troy Is An Actor And A Virgin

While we’ve all been distracted by the Davina-Ryan-Dean-Tracey love square, Troy has been on the sidelines, brushing his teeth too vigorously and handling himself with the poise of an overzealous teenage boy at a wet t-shirt contest


If you’ve been watching lately, Troy confessed his love to Ashley in the most recent commitment ceremony and we’re kind of disappointed that the producers didn’t think to bring in live crickets as the perfect soundtrack to Ashley’s reaction.

Though the declaration seems a little staged considering the post-MAFS snaps we’ve been seeing (ahem, Troy and Carly) as well as a recent Instagram post from Ashley’s sister Summer, calling out Troy for being a fake.

In the post, Summer defended her sister against strangers on the internet who have been criticising her attitude towards Troy. Summer also said that Troy is an actor who “didn’t even apply” and who “dragged” Ashley along for the ride.

Don’t mess with the family, Troy.

Meanwhile, Troy’s own family have jumped on the “let’s humiliate Troy even more” ship, with his sister, Tanya Delmege, speaking to NW about Ashley’s quest for fame as well as Troy’s … romantic life.

“I think Ashley’s on for different reasons than Troy. Troy feels like Ash definitely wants to be famous,” she told the magazine, saying that Ashley is the “complete opposite” of what Troy wanted.

She also dropped the V-bomb, saying, “They have some social differences… Troy’s very churchy actually and as far as I know he’s on the V plates.”

We’re sure the 35-year-old Troy very much appreciates his sister’s comments.

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