Love Across Cultures: A Dubai Destination Wedding

Alex and Rida’s love story is a beautiful celebration of their diverse cultural backgrounds and shared love. Alex, hailing from England, and Rida, born and raised in Pakistan, came together in a stunning destination wedding celebration in the vibrant city of Dubai. 

The lovely couple in this beautiful shot at their wedding venue.
Photo by @candid.image

Follow the couple’s journey from how they met to their magical proposal and unforgettable wedding day, as we explore the cultural elements that made their love story so special.

Their Story

The couple’s story begins in London, where they both met while working there. Having already spent several years in the UK earning her degrees, Rida had settled into life in London when fate brought her and Alex together. The couple fell in love and started dating, and in the summer of 2022, they jetted off to Florida for a romantic holiday.

The love between these two seen in their Dubai destination wedding.
Photo by @candid.image

The Proposal

It was during a magical moment on a boat watching fireworks over Disney that Alex surprised Rida by getting down on one knee and asking for her hand in marriage. It was June 9th, 2022, and just a day before Rida was to celebrate her 30th birthday. Overwhelmed with joy, Rida said yes, and the couple began planning their future together.

The bride and groom looking at each other lovingly.
Photo by @candid.image

The Wedding

The celebration of Alex and Rida’s love story began with their Islamic nikkah ceremony in London in November 2022. In Pakistani culture, the nikkah ceremony is a traditional wedding ritual that formalises the union between the bride and groom in the presence of witnesses. 

The bride and her family members.
Photo by @candid.image

Pakistani weddings are known for their unique cultural traditions and lavish celebrations, and Alex and Rida’s wedding was no exception. In February 2023, the couple continued their wedding festivities with an intimate destination wedding in Dubai at the luxurious Four Seasons venue. With around 80 guests in attendance, the wedding was a simple yet stunning celebration of the couple’s love and diverse cultural backgrounds.

The happy couple's first dance.
Photo by @candid.image
The Four Seasons Dubai is the location for this stunning traditional wedding.
Photo by @candid.image

The Four Seasons venue in Dubai is known for its stunning views of the city’s skyline and its unparalleled luxury, it is a great venue for Dubai destination weddings like this one. The venue’s elegant architecture and world-class amenities provided the perfect backdrop for Alex and Rida’s special day. With every detail carefully planned, from the exquisite white decor to the delectable cuisine, the wedding was a true reflection of the couple’s modest style and personality.

The wedding party set up for this Dubai destination wedding.
Photo by @candid.image

The Attire

The attire worn by the bride and groom played an essential role in creating a culturally rich and stunning wedding celebration. Rida donned a classic Pakistani wedding outfit known as a lehenga, featuring intricate gold embroidery and a beautiful red colour. The colour red is a popular choice for Pakistani brides, symbolising femininity, prosperity, love, passion, power, and new beginnings. The bride also adorned her hands with beautiful henna patterns, drawn during the mehndi night, a traditional pre-wedding ceremony in Pakistani weddings.

The bride and the details of her dress for this Dubai destination wedding.
Photo by @candid.image
The groom and his ensemble for this traditional Pakistani wedding in Dubai.
Photo by @candid.image

Alex’s outfit for the wedding was a simple yet elegant beige suit, with accents of Pakistani male attire incorporated into the shirt and blazer. It was a beautiful way for him to pay tribute to Rida’s culture and honour the significance of their union. 

The Photographer

According to the photographer, @candid.image, Alex and Rida’s wedding was incredibly emotional and filled with heartfelt moments. As photographers, @candid.image tend to “hunt” for those special expressions and emotions that truly capture the essence of a wedding day. However, with Alex and Rida, it was almost effortless. The couple’s love and connection were so evident, making it easy to capture those perfect moments. It’s a testament to the strength of their relationship and the beauty of their wedding day.

The lovely couple in their beautiful Dubai destination wedding.
Photo by @candid.image

Alex and Rida were lucky enough to find @candid.image through social media, and it’s clear that they made a perfect choice. The stunning images captured by @candid.image truly showcase the beauty and uniqueness of this couple’s wedding day.

Alex and Rida’s wedding was a beautiful blend of cultural traditions, love, and luxury, making it a truly unique and unforgettable celebration.

Supplier Spotlight

Bride: @rida.s


Photographer: @candid.image

Venue: @fsdubai

Makeup & Hair: @kiranfarooq

Bridal Outfit: @farazmanan

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