Lisa Origliasso from The Veronica’s is engaged!

Lisa Origliasso from The Veronica’s is engaged!

Lisa Origliasso, one-half of the twin act The Veroncia’s, announced via Instagram that she has just gotten engaged to her long-time boyfriend and actor Logan Huffman.

The first Instagram post she shared announced that she and Logan have been engaged for a WHOLE MONTH and that

Logan asked after he had to remove a leech off of her while camping *ewww*:

And her second Instagram post revealed a beautiful close-up of the engagement ring and the meaning behind it, her caption reading:

“This ring is the most beautiful thing in the world to me. But only he who truly knows me, could design something that could so flawlessly capture the essence of who I am and what this means to me. A triangluar macle “twin” diamond— this stone is completely in its raw form. It has ridges shaped like a mandala. Fine lines like stepping stones rising up to the peak of it’s pyramid shape. It symbolically represents a love that is ancient, indestructible & powerful. A love that never stops existing, reaching, climbing & growing. Transcending space and time, to the infinite & beyond.”

We are so happy for the pair and cannot wait to see what will surely be, the boho wedding of the year!

Main image source: Instagram / Lisa Origliasso.

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