Know Your Consumer Rights: Australian Weddings

Fairies, here is a breakdown on consumer rights pertaining to Weddings, by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

My venue has cancelled my booking. Am I entitled to a refund of my deposit?

My wedding has been cancelled or reduced in size. Am I entitled to a refund of the deposit I’ve paid separately to other vendors for products or services I no longer need, such as my florist, photographer, live band, car hire company, etc.?

I’ve purchased my wedding dress online from overseas and I’m worried it won’t be delivered. Can I cancel my order and get a refund?

I want to return my (un-worn) wedding dress, shoes, bridesmaids’ dresses etc. because I no longer need them. Am I entitled to a refund for these items?

My guests’ travel to my wedding has been cancelled due to a Government restriction or change of mind. Are they entitled to a refund?

Am I entitled to a refund for travel I have booked for my honeymoon?

I took out wedding insurance, but I’ve been told it doesn’t cover me for cancellations due to COVID-19. What can I do?

Last updated: 24th of June, 2020

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