Keira Maguire has some exciting Bachelorette news

If you think you’ve seen the last of ‘The Bachelor’s villain, Keira Maguire, you’d better think again!

Keira Maguire  could be set for a comeback as this year’s Bachelorette, and if there’s one thing that’s definite, it’s that she’ll bring the entertainment!

The outspoken blonde revealed she would be prepared to take on the role of the next Bachelorette if the opportunity came her way.

‘I feel like it’s more my thing, at least I can have control,’ she explained in an interview with Mamamia.

‘I would eat….I don’t know. The poor guys that are on it- could you imagine?’she continued : ‘I would definitely do it because I’d just f**k s**t up.’


‘I would probably be a lot more nicer because I wouldn’t want to put anyone through what I went through,’ she added, making clearly her disdain for the filming of the show while she was on it.


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