Keira Knightley Has Finally Revealed The Name Of Her Newborn Daughter!

After quietly giving birth to her second child nearly six weeks ago, Keira Knightley has finally revealed the name of her newborn baby daughter!

As revealed by The Telegraph, Knightley shared that she and her husband James Righton, have named their newest sweet arrival Delilah! The couple previously followed the same procedure with their first-born daughter, Edie, whose name was revealed three months following her birth.

Many have asked, how come? Well, Fairies, these parents are most likely not “pulling a Kimye”.

According to a recent survey by BabyCentre, about one-quarter of new parents are waiting until after the birth to choose their child’s name, with some waiting days and even weeks. Kristi Clements, a doula in Toronto, has been delivering babies for 15 years and recently noticed an uptick in new parents who don’t have baby names upon arrival. “A lot of parents just aren’t ready,” she says. (And, presumably, a few more just aren’t ready to go public.)

There are plenty of reasons for new parents to delay name disclosures, many of which are largely practical (as opposed to theatrical). “We were still mulling it over and testing out various names,” explains one mom when I asked “Why did you wait?” on Facebook. According to another new mom, “Birth and the first few days post-partum were so overwhelming that deciding on a name was just so low on the priority list.” Many new parents said they wanted to “spend time” with the new arrival before committing to a name.

Written by: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Cover Media Ltd.

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