Jewellery Trends According To Gattea Jewellers

Gattea Jewellers have been handcrafting jewellery for over four generations, so it’s safe to say they know all about the trends that women and soon-to-brides go crazy for.

Teaming expertise and creative flair with their massive selection of stunning rings, bracelets, and necklaces, the team at Gattea have given us a look into the biggest jewellery trends around. From engagement rings to fashion pieces, these are the best looks of the moment.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Warm and feminine, rose gold engagement rings have grown increasingly popular over the last few years. Whether in an abstract modern setting or in a classic ring, rose gold adds a warm glow without taking away from the ring’s timeless design.

Rose gold is the perfect means of creating a custom piece of jewellery that shifts away from the traditional while still keeping a subtle elegance about it. Blending modernity with a vintage aesthetic, rose gold is distinctive and can flatter any skin tone.

Pastel coloured gems

Following in the coloured gem trend, pastels have transcended the fashion world and found their way into jewellery. Including a gorgeous range of colours, from pale pinks and blues to light yellows and greens, pastel gems – like their rose gold cousin – are the perfect option for brides looking for a light splash of colour. Among engagement rings, the pale pink of Morganite and the pale blue of Aquamarine are quite popular.


Morganite, also known as the Love Stone, has a beautiful pink and peach tone and is commonly set with rose gold rings. They are softer and more subtle than other stones, like Sapphires and Emeralds and so are less likely to clash with your everyday style.


The perfect ring if you’re looking to get engaged in March (as it’s the birthstone of the month), the soft blue shades of the gemstone perfectly fit the name, as it means “water of the sea.” While they can come in a variety of shades, pastel aquamarines are a popular choice and also look good when paired with rose gold.

Super Fine Layered Jewellery

While statement jewellery had its time in the sun, super fine and delicate pieces have been on the rise, thanks in part to their embrace by fashionistas around the world. Graduating from the 90s choker, this trend involves layering fine pieces of jewellery – whether they be necklaces, bracelets or rings – to create a feminine and dainty look.

Layering lightweight chains of gold or silver creates a subtlety sexy look that adds extra sparkle to your neck and hands. With super fine lines and bands, the delicate and thin nature of these rings and necklaces means you can layer as much as you like without going overboard. Simple gold stacking rings also make a great gift for loved ones and won’t clash with their everyday style.

Gattea Jewellers Showroom is located in Macarthur Square and with over four generations in the industry, expertise, trust and a designer flair are the pillars of which the Gattea Ancestry have crafted their reputation on. As well as fancy shaped and coloured diamonds, they have an array of exotic gemstones and fine jewellery pieces displayed proudly in the Macarthur Square Showroom.

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