It’s only two weeks in and our real Bridesmaid, Olivia has just been weighed and measured to see how her HYPOXI sessions are shaping up. Here’s what happened after just six sessions (and before you read, make sure you sign up you and your Bridesmaids or besties for your own free HYPOXI sessions here).

I KIND of want to scream right now. 

Don’t worry, nothing’s wrong! I’m just SO excited!

Before I tell you why, I have to give you a bit of background about me – and my body.

I have always been a size 10-12 and I NEVER fluctuate.

I also really don’t mind the way my body looks, but as everyone does, I have places I don’t LOVE the look of, and wouldn’t mind dropping a few kilos to even out and feel a little lighter.

The best excuse I can think of is my cousin’s upcoming October wedding.

I’m a Bridesmaid, along with my sisters, who are both a size 6-8. I never feel ‘bigger’ than them, but would probably feel a little better in the clingy ‘stone’ coloured dress my cousin chose for us if I was a little lighter.

So begins my HYPOXI journey.

I’ve had six sessions now, which involve me laying in the wetsuit (which I now know is called the HYPOXIdermology); this machine has the air sucked out of it, and clings to your body. Then the ’bubble-style’ feeling starts! To me it feels like being inside a champagne bottle, or a nice massage for your butt and thighs.

Then it’s half an hour of low maintenance cycling in either the lay down or sit up bike, which has a vacuum inside. Perfect Suits catch-up time. It’s such a pleasant, almost relaxing experience, and you feel so good afterwards. Anyway, I got my first results back after my sixth session and I recorded a video diary to share them with you!


Not only that, but HYPOXI is also giving away a trip to the Maldives worth over $12,000. This incredible prize package includes return flights, accommodation at the five-star Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa and a ton of extras. All you have to do is purchase a HYPOXI session between now and September 30th and you’ll automatically be in the running. Click here for more details on this once-in-a-lifetime trip!

Main image from Marcus and Serinna’s Wedding. Photography by Yervant.

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