Reddit user, winkers, tells of the time when he was the Best Man and the bride said this at the altar…

“I was standing next to the couple at the reception and the bride was tipsy (groom was sober). She told him aloud “I’m not really that in love with you…. but I think you’ll be a good husband.” The look on his face sucked all the joy from me. He tried to laugh it off and told her to hush but he was tearing up as they walked away.”

5 years later, winkers finally confronts his best friend about what he overheard the bride say.

“I had dinner this weekend with my guy friend (as mentioned above). After a few beers I asked how they were doing. I also slipped in the memory of his wedding day and how it affected me afterwards. He was pretty quiet for a while. I mean, we normally talk about pretty shallow stuff like playoffs and whatever geek tech is out. He said he’s basically living a decent life but she is in fact not truly in love with him like he is with her. And it’s true… he is a good husband and she is a good wife in that she does every expected thing as a partner. He said they are like two friends who live together…. and sometimes have sex, so he figures that there are much worse ways to live. They don’t yet have a child but have planned on it and hope to someday. When they’ve each needed some support (mentally, financially, sexually, socially, etc), they try to help each other out so that’s been good.”

WOW. Is this the worst possible thing a bride could say to her groom?

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