How young is too young and how old is too old? This is two separate questions we get asked a lot!

How young is too young? It all depends on the activity. A lot of traditional celebrations are limited to 18 or older because of alcohol and ah, adult entertainment. But if you’re a younger bride with under age friends, there are a lot of options that will allow you to include all your friends. A dinner would allow everyone to be there, as would a spa day or a fishing trip for the guys!

Now, how old is too old? If you’re on your second marriage or well out of your party years? The idea of a traditional hens or bucks night may not appeal to you! This is when it’s time to get creative. Just because you don’t feel the need for a stripper it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get the chance to celebrate! Consider a wine tasting class or a beautifully catered dinner party at home. There’s no need to do something that you’re not interested in. If you’re feeling like you might be too old, you’re definitely old enough to put your foot down and do something you want to do! As far as we’re concerned, that’s one of the benefits of maturity.

In the end, it is about celebrating your upcoming wedding and it should be a chance to spend time with the people who mean a lot to you. As long as you and all your guests have fun, whatever you do is just perfect!

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