Born into a Russian family of seamstresses, Galia Lahav was surrounded by design and fashion from a young age and now, with more than three decades creating haute couture gowns, Galia has cemented her position as one of the world leading designers.

Galia Lahav Bridal Runway Show Spring/Summer 2016 - Runway
Les Reves Bohemiens

This year at New York Bridal Market, Galia launched her latest collection ‘Les Reves Bohemiens’ and we had the honour of interviewing the woman herself.

WW: What was the inspiration behind this collection?

Galia Lahav: The inspiration for the collection can be described as a combination of several things. We created this collection taking bits and pieces of romance, fantasy, fairy-tale and bohemian women.

WW: What’s your favourite piece of the collection and why?

Galia Lahav: It is nearly impossible for me to identify one dress from the new collection as my favorite, but I can tell you that this collection is unlike any other that you have seen by me. Each dress is incredibly different one from the other and I added a lot of new silhouettes to it. I would love if once you’ve seen it, for you to tell me favorite!

WW: What’s are the biggest bridal trends in the USA at the moment?

Galia Lahav: There are many new trends circling around the US. I noticed that currently a lot of designers are picking up on low backs and intricate lace detail.

WW: What has been the biggest moment of your career so far?

Galia Lahav: The biggest moment of my career so far was recently when I took a moment and realized that I am in 40 stores all around the globe. Thirty years ago I was just locally known as a custom-made bridal designer in the heart of Israel and it astonishes me every time I am reminded of how the brand has grown.

WW: What kind of woman is your ideal bride?

Galia Lahav: My ideal bride can’t be described physically, but by character. My bride is excited and isn’t afraid to be daring in her wardrobe. She loves luxury and takes chances with style. She loves fashion and loves to stand out.

Galia Lahav Bridal Runway Show Spring/Summer 2016 - Runway
Les Reves Bohemiens

Galia Lahav: Bohemian Fairy-Tale

WW: What’s the most important thing a bride should remember on her wedding day?

Galia Lahav: She needs to remember that this is her one and only special day and that she needs to have fun and smile. We have found that brides are sometimes so concerned with how all the guests are enjoying the party in addition to all the functions of the event that they forget to smile. So my biggest advice is to just enjoy the moment!

WW: How do you believe brides know when they’ve picked the right dress?

Galia Lahav: A bride knows when she picked the right dress when she stops questioning about other dresses. It is very obvious to me when a bride just knows because when they are uncertain, their eyes are still wandering. When they know, it’s as if no other dress from my collections exist.

WW: What is it about New York Bridal Market that is so different and how does it differ from the others?

Galia Lahav: It is much different than any other show that we take part in solely because New York Bridal Market is distinctly catered to the bridal industry.

WW: What’s the most stressful part of showing a collection at New York Bridal Market?

Galia Lahav: Wow, where do I start? Organising the entire function is stressful but if I am to identify the top stressful factor then it would have to be receiving people’s reactions from the collection.

WW: On the day of the fashion show, you must be exhausted. Do you have any insider tips to staying alert and energetic?

Galia Lahav: On the day of the show, whether I am exhausted or not, I don’t have a choice but to be energetic and alert! This is an event that takes months and months to put together.  I would say my best advice is to stay focused.

To view Galia’s latest collection, click here.

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