So the gypsy in you has come-a-knocking and now you’re planning your boho wedding! Don’t get confused, this isn’t THAT type of gypsy wedding; the one where tulle, rhinestones and tiaras rule. The boho-gypsy wedding is all about the soft, rustic touches that have completely taken over Pinterest. In order to satisfy your inner bohemian, we’ve come up with a few ways you can make your wedding a dreamy, relaxed occasion.

1. Gypsy Wedding Boots

An excuse to walk comfortably and stylishly? Yes please! These gypsy wedding boots are perfect for your beach or forest wedding. Covered in lace, feathers and ornaments we might just wear these out on the streets as well!


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2. Shared Tables

Sharing food with family and loved ones is what weddings should be all about. With an amazing display comes also the opportunity to eat and mingle, instead of a sit down dinner were people must return to their seats!


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3. Lace Head Cap

This is a gorgeous idea for any bride who wants to add a touch of boho gypsy to their wedding. Lace head caps or scarves can make a stunning addition to your wedding look, and also is a great option for those who want to do something different than a wreath or clip in their hair.

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4. Green Arches

These stunning installations can be anything from an arch of branches intertwined with greenery, or a beautiful sheltered canopy decorated with nature and ornaments. It’s adds a personal touch to your wedding that looks amazing in any lens, and would make any gypsy jealous!


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5. Dream Catcher

A little dream catcher here, another over there, dream catchers everywhere! Whether it be hanging from your bouquet, above your heads as you say ‘I Do’, or attached to each of the guests chairs, you can never have enough dream catcher at your boho gypsy wedding!


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6. Barefoot Anklets

The grass is green and luscious, or the sand is soft an warm, either way you know want to go barefooted at your wedding. If this is your decision and you also want to spice up your image in a subtle gypsy way, why not wear a stunning anklet to drape your foot? From cuffs to golden chains, with each step your feet will jangle or glisten all they way to the alter where your man will be.


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7. Lace Dress

Whimsical, intricate lace-work is a must when choosing a boho bridal gown.


Image from Judy Copley Couture

Main image from Grace Loves Lace


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