Ingenious Wedding Favours That Will Make You Laugh

There’s nothing wrong with sugared almonds, but if you are looking to inject a little comic relief into your big day, consider one of these ingenious wedding favours that’s guaranteed to make both you and your guests giggle.

1. Missing Shot Glass

funny wedding favour shot glass

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A shot glass is a common wedding favour, but instead of giving your guests the typical glass engraved with initials why not inject a little humour into your big day by opting for this creative alternative.

2. Hangover Kit

funny wedding favour hang over kit

This will no doubt give your guests a chuckle. It’s super simple to put some panadol, band-aids and water in a box or splash out on one of these custom made bags.

3. Coasters

funny wedding favours

A coaster that serves a practical purpose, offer your guest the means to protect their drink while they tear up the dance floor.

4. Booze

funny wedding favours

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Give our guests a little “something something” to get the party started, or to keep it going once the night has ended!

5. Stubby Holder

funny wedding favour

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This is one gift your guests can certainly reuse, and think of you every time they have a cold one.

6. Champagne Gummy Bears

funny wedding favours

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Remember those vodka gummy bears you had at your 18th and 21st well this is a wedding, so champagne it is! ‘Cause we’re classy like that.

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